FII Level 1 Freediving Course

This course is designed to provide the foundation of knowledge for safe, efficient, and effective freediving skills. You will learn the techniques to dive to 66'/20 m, practice a 3-minute breath-hold, and how to dive safely.

Courses are capped at a maximum of 4 students to ensure ample time and attention is given to each student.


Level 1 Course Overview

Day 1: Classroom and confined water (pool).

  • Freediving safety and problem management practical knowledge. How to identify hypoxia and how to respond with effective and proven techniques.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Physics and physiology.
  • Practice the diving and recovery techniques in a confined water setting.
  • Attempt the static apnea breath-hold.

Day 2: Open water

  • Review of safety procedures.
  • Ease into diving with warm-up dives.
  • Refine skills while gradually building depth.
  • Max attempt to 66'/20 m!
  • Practice rescues techniques.
  • Picture time!

Price for the course is $299, plus a $70 boat fee per person. Boat fee is waved if you provide the boat! Contact me for questions or to inquire about private courses.

Upcoming Classes:

September 16-17 in Pompano Beach, FL

October 28-29 in Pompano Beach, FL

December 2-3 in Pompano Beach, FL


Continue improving your skills as a freediver and meet other like-minded freedivers during our relaxed training and practice sessions! From spring to fall we frequently run open ocean line-diving and wreck-diving trips. During the winter we hit the pool when the seas are too rough. All of the diving sessions are supervised by FII freediving instructors.


Contact me for more info on classes or training sessions!

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